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This is an easy topic. Your job depends on your results, just like in any club in real life.

The job security bar is the one below the Team Chemistry bar.

When you start your career your job security will be 50. Winning matches will raise 1 or 2 points, while losing will lower your job security a few more points.

You will get fired if your job security goes down to zero, and then the game will fast forward to the next season, and you will start a new season just like you did before, but the job offers won’t be the best…

Many people asked me in my last FAQ why they never reached 100% in their job security. Don’t bother trying to reach the 100%, the higher your job security will reach will be 99%, no matter if you never lose a single match in your 15-year career!

Be aware that when you have a question or a situation and have choices to answer or solve them (those that appears after a match), sometimes they will affect your job security. Sometimes it will rise your job security and of course sometimes it will lower it.