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Ok, What’s New This Year?

If you played the FIFA 2005 Career mode, you will pretty much get used to this one really quick. The “Career central” is basically the same, with the new features of course. Which features? well, there’s a whole new Transfer system, an improved match simulation system, new ways of acquiring budget, etc, etc, etc…

What’s This “Team Chemistry” Stuff Everybody’s Talking About?

Well, finally EA did something with that. Past years you just had to pick a 5-star team and that was it. This time things have changed in a better way. Your players needs to know each other to play well, and the only way to do that is by playing several games together, just like in real life. One of the reasons why Real Madrid has a very low Team Chemistry this year in the game (the opposite from Chelsea).

Why Can’t I Sign X Player To My Team?

Having the money to afford one player doesn’t mean he will go to your team. Actually, this is one of the first things that everybody seems to have problems with (this was the first thing that pissed me off when I started to play this game). I will explain more in depth this on the Transfer section, but for those looking just for an easy and straight answer, it has a lot to do with your club prestige, and of course, with YOUR prestige. So if you are starting career, no matter if you are playing with a 4 star team (even a 5 star team), if your prestige is not enough, almost any player won’t sign with you.

How Do I Use The Scout Option, How Does It Works?

This is a really nice addition to this year. I wasn’t expecting it but I think that it is a really cool idea. I won’t get too long with the explanation here, since it will be covered in depth on the walkthrough, but again, for those looking for just straight answers, basically you send this guy to any region on the world looking for young talent for your team. The success depends on the current level of your scout staff.

My Created Player Is Not On My Career Team! What Can I Do?

This is by far one of the most common questions I had to answer on my last FAQ, since I forgot to mention it. If you want to have a created player on your Career team roster, you need to create it BEFORE you start the Career itself. If you already started your Career and now you want to add your created player to the roster, I have bad news for you, because the only way you will be able to do that is starting a new Career…

Are You Going To Cover Those “Reporter Questions” Or Situations That The Game Asks You To Solve?

No. I prefer not to cover them because it would be like spoiling the game for those who want to face those questions or situations by themselves. Also, the purpose of this guide is not take you by the hand on the game through every possible situation. The purpose of this guide is just to describe you how most of the options works. It’s up to you what kind of manager you want to be and which path you will follow.

Why I’m Running Out On Cash After Every Match? Eventually I’m Always Getting Fired, Please Help!

Seems that everybody decided to start with teams that are already in a very high level (say 4+ stars). The problem is that at the beginning of the manager mode you won’t be offered with the best sponsors, this meaning in a very low per-game funding. This teams require high per-game funding to face high salaries from big stars, so there are very few options for those trying to avoid being fired. I would recommend sell or at least give on loan the most expensive players, to save you some cash on this players’ salaries. And my other advice would be to choose a lower level team (1.5 – 3 stars), making the salaries more affordable according to your budget. Lastly, if you are wondering when it’s the time to manage a 5 star team, I would say that when your prestiger is 7+ (those arrows next to your picture with the red number), which will be around your third season, or even more, depending on how good your results are!

So, If It’s Hard To Manage A 5 Star Team From The Beginning, When Is The Right Time To Do It?

A very good question. There’s not a certain amount of season before you are ready to face the duties of managing a 5 star team. It will depend on how quick your prestige grows. Better sponsors will be interested in you as you advance through seasons on low skilled teams, and when you become a success at those teams (eg. promoting a team), you will see that the sponsor list will be more populated than in previous ocassions. When you have sponsors offering you per-game funding around 6,500 – 7,000+ points, you are ready to manage almost any 4+ star teams.

Ok, So I’m Ready To Manage A 5 Star Team, Why They Don’t Appear At The Job Offers At The Beginning Of The Season?

If you are waiting for this teams to appear in the job offers, you are wasting your time. The only way you will be able to manage the best teams (say Chelsea, Barcelona, ManU and a long, long list…) you need to buy the “Career teams” option in the Fan Shop. It will cost you 5,000 well earned points, but it will be worth if you are willing to manage your favorite team! Once you buy that option and save your profile, next time you get into the “Pick team” screen those teams will appear among the others.

How Do I Export My Team?

Some people are having problems with this, so I’m explaining this in a couple of lines… You need to be in the “Career central”, and in the SQUAD option you will find the “Export team” option. Hit it. It will confirm that you want to export, and once you hit yes, it will then save the team. Now, it doesn’t mean that the team will be on the league that you are currently on your career. You have to go to the “Load” screen and there you will see something like “TEAM – your_team_name”. Load it, and it will then inform you that the team was placed in “My League”. But, what on blue sky is “My League”??? Well, if you go to “Kick-Off”, “Create tournament” or “Situation”, you can scroll through the leagues available in the game, and you will find then “My League”, which will have all the exported teams you have! Please note that this won’t work if you are thinking that you can import your current team and start a new Manager Mode with it!

Why My Team Can’t Use The Third Kit I Bought From The Fan Shop?

I want to believe that this is a glitch, because I don’t see any other reason. I was warned by some nice people after a few days the first version of this guide was released, and after trying in different ways I can say to you that there’s no way you can use third kits on Manager mode, just on the other game modes in the game. A shame isn’t it?

Last Year I Used To Play Career Mode In 2 Players Mode, Can I Do The Same This Year?

I don’t know why this option was removed, but definitely this was a plus on last year Career mode. The 2 player action is been left just for any other game mode except Manager mode, so this is an even bigger shame!

Why When I’m Trying To Sell A Player It Always Tells Me That I Must Have At Least 18 Players?

You need to have 18 in-field players, so you need to have 18 players plus your goallkeepers. You won’t be able to sell any until you get more players before selling the one you want.