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Clubs are nothing without his fans, and you need to keep this on your mind.

The Fan Support bar is the bar with the Flag in the Career Central screen.

On this game there are more ways to keep your fans happy than just win game after game. And of course, there are more ways to make your fans angry than losing games!

Your fan support will be at 50 when you start your career, but it will increase a little bit after every match you win. And it will decrase in the same way when you lose a match.

Also upgrading your stadium will make your fans happier and that means that you will have more incoming funds from the tickets the fans buy!

Now, fans are aware of almost anything you do, so be careful when answering questions or taking decisions, because you will be inmediately informed about their reaction. Just try to think what would make you angry or happy if you were a club fan when answering a question or making a decision.

Finally, when deciding the ticket pricing for every match, consider a few things:

Low price tickets are when you play league matches against teams that are on the bottom of the table. No matter if the team support is at 99%, if you play against this kind of teams not many people will go to the stadium if you set the price too high.

Medium price tickets are when playing against average teams. This works fine too when playing group stage matches on the EFA or ECC.

High price tickets are perfect when you play against teams in the top of the table or Cup matches (specially if you are in the final rounds).

Just use common sense and you will do fine. After all, after every match you will see if you were right when you see how much money you raised, and if aren’t good news, you can then make the right decision for the next matches. Remember, the clubs are nothing without his fans and if you don’t want to be in trouble ($$$), you better keep your fans happy!