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Before You Start Your Career

Before you get your hands on any team, you must complete a few steps to fill up some information and create a manager, you of course. Too bad that it isn’t like in “UEFA Champions League 2004/2005” by EA, where you can create the manager just like if you were creating a player… Anyway, the important here is not the way the manager looks, but how the team performs. Well, let’s start.

Creating A Manager

This is the first task you have to complete before you pick your team, and is just filling up some information. Here is the list of the things you have to provide with some information:

Manager Look (21 to choose from)
First Name
Nation (seems like every nation in the world is listed in here)
I don’t think there’s too much to explain here… Funny thing is that there’s some girls on the manager pictures… I was wondering how it would be to see a girl manage a team? That definitely would be interesting. Anyway, let’s move to the next step.

Selecting A Starting Region

Again this year we have the world divided in regions (just like in real life…). Actually we have one more region than last year, so there are many options to choose from! As I stated in my previous FAQ, I never recommend a region to start with. What I do highly recommend you is to choose a lower division team, and make this team win everything, then move on to another region or league.

Why? Because if you stuck in the same team your manager prestige will remain the same. If you move through the world and have good results with different teams your prestige will be better known in more regions of the world… Do you understand now? Anyway, you are free to choose which team or region do you want to start with.


FA Premier League
Football League Champ
Football League One
Football League Two

Brazilian League
Mexican League

Italian Serie A
Italian Serie B
Spanish Primera
Spanish Segunda

French Division 1
French Division 2
German Bundesliga 1
German Bundesliga 2

Austrian Bundesliga
Danish Superligaen
Norwegian Tippeligaen
Polish Ekstraklasa
Swedish Allsvenskan
Swiss Axpo Super League

Belgian League
Portuguese SuperLiga
Scottish Premier
Dutch Eredivisie
Picking A Team

After you selected a region, you will see the list of the teams within that region that are offering you a job. This year you can start managing teams up to 4 stars from the beginning! But be aware that the higher the level you choose from the start the harder it will be to manage the team business…

As soon as you picked your team, you will be again on your laptop with 2 incoming e-mails waiting for you.

One is from the Board of Directors, telling you what they expect from you in the present season. And the other is a little help regarding the way you must manage your staff.

After you read those e-mails you will then see the local newspaper from the city your team is from. Is cool to read them the first time, though it gets repetitive after a while.