NK FOOTBALL V9 – Great Goals, Great Games

NK FOOTBALL © V9 is the most thrilling gameplay update ever for FIFA ™ 06 and 2006 FIFA World Cup ™.

V8 brought an all-new experience and feel to the game like never before. NK FOOTBALL © has taken the design of V8 and refined it to create the ultimate FIFA ™ Football experience!

Feel every shot and clearance, applaud goalkeeper saves and gasp at missed chances. No longer are games predictable; no longer are there sweet spots for scoring goals or easy ways of breaking defences. Now, pressure time and tactical play is the way to winning. Want to take plenty of shots from far out? Try it and see how many go over the cross bar! The goalkeeper will take care of your easy attempts that usually went in! V9 isn’t an easy game for those finding the original gameplay a walk in the park.

Get into practice mode then into the stadium!

Download the latest version of this excellent gameplay update exclusively from Sweetpatch by clicking here.

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