FIFA Polonia Files – Next Two Files !!!

To FIFA Polonia download hit two new files for FIFA 06. Details below:

TV POPUPS MANAGER 2.0 – This program lets you choose POPUPS and import TV INDICATOR (to23_s.fsh) WITHOUT EDITING ZDATA_XX.BIG & REBUILDING FIFA.FAT. What’s new in this version ?
– Including 9 popups (Bundesliga, FA Premier League, Spainish Liga, Turkish League, VDFB, Uefa Champions League, World Cup 2006, EA Popups)
– Adding indicators for all popups (not WC 06)

Made by: MonkeyDragon.

DB Master 2.0 – DB Master 2.0 has been just released. The release 2.0 of DB Master offers several new and unique features including:
* Search function
* Import/Export tables in standard file format reusable by Excel
* Copy and Paste Records
* Sort by Column
* The most important is Intelli-Edit, a technology that allows to customize the editor behavior and greatly simplify the editing process

Made by: Rinaldo.

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