FIFA 07 SFTLA UK Tournament

FIFA 07 News – SFTLA UK TournamentAs FIFA 07 is proving a great game, the excellent SFTLA Team will be running a UK FIFA 07 PC Tourny starting on the 10th November, (deadline for entry is the 5th November).

All you have to do to enter is simply fill in all fields on the entry form provided and you will be in placed in the tourny and a chance to claim your first SFTLA – FIFA 07 Title of the coming season.

Depending on the numbers entering will decide on the format and these details as well as the rules/regulations will be posted at a later date.

SFTLA TEAM – would like to wish every one entering the very best of luck.

If you are from the UK and want to join in a great FIFA 07 Tournament then get your entry in today

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